How To Trace Ip Address

Hey guys what’s up, how’s it going? I think you all are fine. So, today’s article about How To trace email sender Ip Address in Gmail.

Atfirst, I want to ask you, “Have you ever received email from any kind of unknown resources that might be from a person, an organization or anything like anonymous?”

The email could be about anything like threatening, Coupon Code or Promo Code offering, Offering 50% off items, Approaching to buy Credit Card, Suggestions, a tip etc.

Sometimes it’s vital to discover the area of the email sender to make a wild figure about this anonymous Email sender is. So without wasting time let’s start the tutorial about How you can trace Ip address of a email sender in gmail.

Find Ip Address of email sender in Gmail

  • Open your browser & go to
  • Log into your gmail account
  • Click on more options
  • Then click on “Show Originals

If you faced any problems then see below image.

Ip Address


  • Now a new window will pop up on your computer browse
  • Just press ctrl + F (or you can also use find button) and search for IP
  • Now you find the Ip address of the email sender (See below Image)

Track Ip Address

So, we got the email sender’s ip address but now a question must be whispering on your mind How to trace it?

Don’t worry my dear friend we will use a website to trace that email sender’s ip address on the below section.

  • Just search on – Trace IP address
  • You will get a list of Ip address tracing sites but my fav one is you can open this site.
  • Now enter the ip address which we have found in previous step & simply click on Look up ip address with ip lookup.

Ip Address

  • Now you will see the whole details of the e-mail sender.

Ip Address Trace

Finding The spam

So you got your result but actually It’s n’t an email sender‘s ip address, It’s the ip of that particular server from where this mail was sent to you & you can’t track normal people’s ip address.

The actual data of ip’s are stored at that mail server which they are using such as we used gmail so our ip stored at gmail’s server ip  so if you try with your friend’s account it will show you google’s server..

We can just find the servers ip address & trace the servers location & we can find that who send us mail that are actually comes from that Famous site or not.

Everyday we received lot of mail in your inbox & now the main question is Are they really comes from the renowned server or not? Are they spam or not.

We know that some people spreads spam via email marketing for their Profit & they usually used famous companies title to sell a thing but now you will ask me how to know that they are real or scam? Now you have to examine about that particular site at

So as a example now I just visit to my spam email where a lot of email are unread. So I just pick up a mail which was looks like sent from Axis Bank offering something on my email.

Ip Address


How To Find Ip Address

Then Repeat the previous process as I told you before.

  • Open the mail -> Click on more option -> Show Original -> Copy the ip

Ip Address

Now You have to paste that ip address & examine the ip host name, Isp, Organization name etc.

I found there nothing matched with Axis Bank original service provider.

Ip Address

So, friends be aware from this type of spam mail. Because this spam mails are used by some fraud peoples. So keep distance from them.

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